People vs Devices

So it’s been awhile since I have posted and I think it’s time to get back!

I am the type of person who may not say much but I listen to alot!

We forget sometimes that we can never learn anything by talking unless questioning what we have learnt! We learn by listening!

But I can see the human population mentally declining in a way we do not see as a problem!

Most problems and addictions don’t always show their head until we hit the bottom, and some it’s just too late when we hit there or nowhere or no one to help us out!
What happens to the world if the whole world is addicted or in habit?
Who will you go to help you?
Sadly we are so focused on being socially anti social that we forget intimacy can not and will not happen over a phone!simpsons enviro effects

Facebook, Twitter, games they all have the secret agenda of isolation making us think we are being social but failing miserably!!
When was the last time you turned your phone off and put it away to just be with the company that resides in the same room or even at the dinner table?

You know addiction is the compulsive use of a substance or item!
So are we really OK?
Are we using these phones as an escape from something?
Are you destroying relationships by being unavailable?


Have you ever met someone on line and talked to them for hours over months over the internet never actually seeing them face to face, then one day you met them for the first time!
Was it like meeting an old friend or someone for the first time?

If there was a proper intimate connection over the internet should it not feel like seeing a good friend that you’ve known for years?

I will use the latest craze at the moment and I know there will probably be some people who will disagree or challenge my comments
The latest Pokemon craze, some see this as a good thing and how it’s getting kids out and about and socializing! (I don’t see how!) teaching kids to be more involved with their phone. There’s even reports of people being hit by cars because we can’t put our phone down!
Try having a conversation with someone while they are on their phone?

Do you feel connected or disconnected from that person?

social or relations

Part of being social-able is being intimate (this is not about what happens behind closed doors either far from it really) Intimacy cannot happen over the internet it just gets lost in translation! emotions are lost or misunderstood and then becomes a negative force in which a part of ourselves becomes lost as just like most things if you want to be good at something you need to practice it on a daily basis!
These devices are ruining relationships and the reason is the message you are sending out to people when you are on these devices is this is more important than you!!protect from emfs
Is this the sort of message you want to send out?
Then we have to also go deeper to the effects of electromagnetic pollution, radiation also known as EMF’s is having on people’s brains!biological effects of emf

The known negative health effects of EMFs, which include:

Hypersensitivity to EMFsheating your head
Increase in allergies and allergy symptoms
Potential link to certain cancers
Reducing the efficacy of certain drugs (such as Tamoxifen, which is used to treat breast cancer)
Radiation damage
Long-term DNA fragmentation
Effects on sleep patterns
Increased chance of cancer
Fertility problems

And the list goes on.


Health, connections and intimacy even just missing seeing things happening around us, important things!
We need to put our phones down and experience life and what it has to offer. As your phone is another step to making people love things and use people.


Get out look around, Love the people and the environment around you, don’t escape it, put your phone down!


Get educated!

Before you comment or turn your nose up make sure you are aware of the facts!

We as humans seem to take things for granted! We walk around in our houses with hard wood floors and wooden furniture without a thought of where and how they came to be!

What are your thoughts on Bats?

Most people are squirming right now at the thought!

Let’s look at some statistics:bees

Bee’s can pollinate up to 5,000 flowers per day in short distances that’s a lot right?


There are 2,000 birds species globally that feed on nectar, the insects, and spiders associated with nectar bearing flowers and carry the pollen on their neck and heads short distances.


Bats are long distance pollinators they can take something in Queensland and drop it in NSW, Bats help with the bat and flowerpollination of many types of fruit in the world. This includes bananas, mangos, and peaches. It is believed that over 700 different types of tropical plants as well as eucalypts and figs are pollinated successfully every single year through bats. Bats can pollinate up to 60,000 trees and flowers per night! That’s all you yummy fruits and your hard wood floors! They also control a big part of the insect population some of these insects can wipe out crops!no me no tree

Not only that without bats animals that depend on these trees and fruit would become extinct, Fauna like koalas and even us! And the insect 164006_koala_sticker_small_largepopulation would thrive! The tree population would die and we would be left without oxygen!

Now here’s what I think is a scary statistic; In January 2014 almost 100,000 bats dropped dead in a heatwave in Queensland, and 5,000 in casino in one day! Times that by 60,000 and that is how much pollination we lost per night!!

Let’s talk about diseases;

The only thing that only 1-3% of the bat population carry is the lyssavirus which is in the rabies family, the only way you can get it is from being scratched or bitten from an effected bat! People do not and cannot contract the hendravirus from bats this is contracted from horses to humans.causes-of-death

Remember 1-3% is less than humans who have Aids! So you are more likely to get Aids than you are to get the lyssavirus off a bat having said that, that is the ONLY thing you will get off bats and as long as you are vaccinated or get vaccinated within 72 hours of a scratch or a bite you will not die or turn into a zombie and sadly you will not be batman!!

Bat who get the Lyssavirus get kicked out of the bat colony as the virus affects their brain makes them go batty (haha) and they die!! When people are scratched or bitten they usually euthanize the bat and test it for the virus sadly killing the bat is the only way you can test is for lyssavirus!!

When people get scratched or bitten it’s usually because they are the ones who are in the wrong trying to pick up or touch a bat without knowing how!!orphaned-bats-300x168

So before you judge this or any animal on this planet Remember everything on this earth was put here for a reason without one you may lose the other!!


Control dramas

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Have you ever been in the presence of a could be friend or a friend who afterwards you felt like you needed a nap or a good 40 hour sleep leaving you drained and tired? Well you have probably been in the presence of an energy Vampire someone who played a control drama on you!

Tug of war, on bright background
Tug of war, on bright background

Let me explain what a control drama is:

A control drama is a behaviour that is used to steal your energy or to get you to react in such a way it benefits the person who is using it! There energy-vampiresare different categories of control dramas but they all have the same desired result to steal your energy and preserve theirs!! It’s a way of manipulating people but sadly it is a learnt behaviour that goes back to our parents and most people are guilty of it if you know you’re doing it or not and it can take a big person to see it and admit that they do it and change it!

These control dramas range from Passive to aggressive! I like to start with the most passive type the “aloof” person or “the loner”, they are

Nerdy loner at a 1970s Disco Music Party
Nerdy loner at a 1970s Disco Music Party

detached, secretive and vague, this is the person who sits in the corner at a party and won’t make any effort to join in trying to have a conversation with this person is not the easiest if fact pulling your own teeth out would be easier, it can take a long time for them to finish a sentence and it feels like you have to extract the conversation out of them. All the energy you use to have the conversation is going straight to them, these people are unfortunately a bottomless pit when it comes to energy it wouldn’t matter how much energy you put into them it will never be enough, and they aren’t joining the party!

Then on the list is “poor me” these people catch the pity train on a regular basis! “The guilt trippers”, “the down and outers”, they love to make you feel guilty for things or sorry for them! They are full of aches poor meand pains sore backs, sore neck, some disease,everyone is against them. They will say things like” it was so hard to get out of bed this morning because my back is playing up’ then when I did I couldn’t get into the shower and I had no breakfast then I got a bill from my phone company and I can’t afford it because I’m not getting enough” Not one thing in their life is going right for them! And the stories are always embellished. Even doing things like mowing the lawn then going on about how “my back isn’t good enough to be doing this” And the more you buy into their guilt trip and do the “that’s terrible” and “there there” or take over from the job they are doing, the more energy you hand over and the less you walk away with!

People with these behaviours will lie about things to avoid the consequences they think will happen to them if they tell the truth!

Then we have “the fault finder” “the interrogator” “the prober” someone who has to be in they will find faults in everything you do andinterrogatorcan be very confronting type people! You can’t even breath right, you’re inferior and most people who deal with these types of people are or become “aloof” They question everything you do, “why did you do that?” “Why did you buy this?” “Why are you going there?” “Who are you going there with?” they come across paranoid probing every part of your life and then making you feel wrong or bad about the choices you are making!

Then you have “the intimidator” “the stand over” “the hot head” the person who makes you feel scared for your life! Scaring you out of your energy, they may use physical violence to get what they want they will say things like “ you better do this or I will” making you feel if you don’t intimidatordo this you’re physically unsafe! People dealing with these types of people are often too scared to leave the person for the fear of their life. They will run you down to others in front of you or just to you making it sound like a joke, but at your expense! Telling you you’re clumsy or less of a person than the rest of the people out there!

There are a few ways to identify what your own drama or drama’s are yes people can use a multitude of these dramas to get what they want! I guess the classic aloof, poor me go together and then your interrogator and your intimidator kinda go together but you can get a poor me intimidator, they are the ones when you get to the point where you’ve had enough and you go to walk out and they sucker you back in with the poor me, “I’m sorry it’s because this I’m like that or I’m sorry I won’t do it again I just don’t know what I’d do without you?” holding those cheap roses!control-dramas

Can’t figure out what your control drama is? Well look at your parents which one are they? I’ll make it easy whatever your parents are you can bet your bottom dollar you’re the opposite sometimes even the same as! Sometimes you have 2 different parents an interrogator and an aloof parent or maybe an intimidator and a poor me these are usually the combination if you grow up with the interrogator chances are you are aloof, becoming distant to avoid the questioning! Or maybe you learnt the poor me attitude or interrogator attitude off one of your parents?

control-dramas (1)Until you identify your control drama chances are you will always fall into the trap of being in relationships with your opposite or push people away with your actions! And once you have identified your control drama you can then work on changing it! Do you realise that there is an endless supply of energy and it’s not from other people? For me it’s being out in the country being surrounded by animals and trees and the silence that only nature can give! For you it might be swimming in the ocean or surfing or meditating, this free accessible energy is all around us and within us! You just need to learn how to tap into it and you will know and feel when you do!!

Also once you have identified your drama you will also be aware of other people’s dramas and when you are having your energy stolen. You can also avoid those situations, and when you’re good at identifying them you can avoid those people from the start, you will learn the first signs of those people. Remember even if you think you can help someone they are choosing to be down and out or be on the pity train it is their choice to interrogate or intimidate! Just like it’s their choice to change it! Only when they choose to change is when they will change and pointing it out to them can be insulting! A poor me would think you’re ganging up on them and an intimidator would probably physically threaten you!faces

I met a classic poor me at a friend’s house many years ago and I had known her for all of 5 minutes when she started telling me how bad her childhood was, the way she told it you would think it was happening to her right there and then! She told me of beatings and even rape and about her bruises and scars, really a terrible story! Her father being an intimidator and her a poor me! But the point was she had only known me for 5 minutes and this is not a story you disclose to people you’ve just met!

Now I could have sat there and listen to the story and done the there there, oh how bad you’ve had it and walked away feeling drained and lethargic or I can go the other way That’s sad but at least it’s over for you and it’s your choice to dwell on it and keep reliving it, which to some would think that’s terrible but it’s necessary to avoid my energy being drained and also necessary for her to break out of the poor me attitude!energy-vampires-symptoms

The more you play along with it the more they will play on it and continue to steal your energy! That is only one way of dealing with a control drama being played on you, The aloof well it’s best to just let them go off by themselves and be aloof the less people go up to them and try then they will have to come up with another tack tick or be happy with a hermit lifestyle! Intimidators and interrogators are best left alone as well but if you have to deal with them best to keep it minimal be polite and happy and carefree it’s a trait they don’t like much!

Once you can see what your control drama is and you decide to change you can also start to be really honest with yourself and others and keep away from those energy vampires!


Love to you all!


Healthy food, healthy mind!

They say you are what you eat so it only goes to prove if you eat healthy you are going to be healthy! Only some of our cells renew themselves and some don’t, so the ones that do rely on the food you eat to renew from. Eating the correct foods are important it can affect you hormones, increasing moods and stress levels, appearance, affect your energy levels, and assist with weight loss and gain! Sometimes the problem is that we don’t have enough time or we don’t have the money, or we simply crave the fats and sugars! And you vegetarians can be just as bad! Eating not enough of the right foods and skipping out with a cup of soup or 2 minute noodles!

Well let me tell you, you have the time or you’ll later make the time! 

Well the time it takes you to drive to where you are getting food from for pick up or even the detour you take on your way home, then going all the way home you could have made a simple yet delicious stir fry or made a meat and 3 veg, you can even buy recipe books or even look them up for quick and simple meals, sometime even just an antipasto platter is nice on a hot summers night or finger foods it doesn’t have to always look the same or throw everything into the slow cooker in the morning and dinner is ready when you get home! Tip: make enough to cover 2 nights dinner or dinner and lunch it won’t take any extra time!!

And then you also have the healthy you eat the healthier you are. If you don’t eat right now you’re going to have to find time to be sick! People who eat healthy suffer from less colds and flu’s and some more serious stuff later such as diabetes and cancers. So in essence it will cost you time in bed feeling like death warmed up and feeling miserable!30-Minute-Meals-215 minsten-minute-dinner-collage

You don’t have the money?

health-food-vs-junk-food cheaper

The cost of good health is more than its weight in gold I’ll tell ya but if you are a bit tight for coin which I do understand add up how much it’s costing you to drive to the drive through and back and then the cost of your family bucket full of preservatives, sugars, bad fats and chemicals! You would be better off eating the packaging it came in! You only have to eat healthy for a short while to really notice a change both for yourself and your pocket! A stir fry can cost around 2-5 dollars per person I’m going off if you buy all the ingredients and made it from scratch (which is better and cheaper) or you bought the bottle of pre made sauce which is actually more expensive and then your bucket of processed food is going to cost you 40 – 50 dollars per family a family of 4-5 people it’s about 10 dollars per person, not to forget the petrol or delivery fees!

vre_buy1vre_buy2Bittman-food-price-mashup 1


Cravings are just withdrawals from an addiction which is even more reason why you should make a change! These cravings can be temporary but I’d recommend a food detox to help with the cravings yes it will require a little determination on your part and persistence! A good one I found was the carb detox which entails of no breads or pasta and stay away from starchy food like potatoes and carrots and this is done over a 3 day period! After that breads and pastas and starchy foods keep to the early part of the day and 1 day of whatever you want! Other than that salads and veggies and protein! Usually after 1 week of super toxic foodhealthy it can make you sick to go really bad on the day so just play it easy!! I also know that after eating like this your cravings aren’t so demanding and they change to cooperate with your healthy choices!! Also instead of white bread which mind you I love too try a multi grain they really have come a long way and it’s about finding what suits you!


After doing a detox and changing to a healthier diet you will have more energy and you won’t have sugar highs followed by crashes and you won’t suffer from mood swings as much! Hormones will be able to balance!

You owe it to yourself to treat yourself with love and respect!!happy_girl_salad_eat_healthy_lunch

Please see a dietician, naturopath or homeopath if you need help in correcting your diet!                                                                                                                                                    

heart island

It’s a four letter word!

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No I’m not going to swear at you, I’m talking about love! The main purpose of life, it makes the world go around, with love imagine how the world and life would be, I would say very very different, no wars, no crime, no fights and no arguing, no Army, no police, no need for jails, no mass murders or murders at all, no need for money, no deforestation, no extinctions.
The planet would be pristine and we would be doing our life purpose of looking after it and all that reside here! We would live peacefully together!watermellon heart
So where did it all go wrong? Well one could say with the introduction of money and greed, but greed has been around longer than money, and money is technically the barter system in paper form. Is it technology? Well it hasn’t helped but again we lacked in this area long before that, in fact I would say we as a human race may have never mastered this maybe as individuals some have but not as a collective whole! We have thing keeping us apart our own categories if you will, like race, religion, the way we look, our location, the way we speak, to the music we listen to, all setting us up for separation rather than rejoicing in our differences and accepting others the way they are and the different ideas we have!swan-love

Love isn’t a new concept it’s been around since the dawn of time otherwise there would be no us! Love is more important than faith and hope because without love faith and hope are merely just pointless words, in the grand scheme of things it’s the most important emotion and the most powerful! Love can conquer all if we all loved collectively, it’s a way to beat all the negative in the world think about it, if we all loved our fellow man and I mean all of us there would be no need for wars and poverty would be the thing that would go extinct! No need for rules or regulations from man or a higher power whatever you may believe in!

What in this world is eternal? It isn’t faith and it isn’t hope, anger can be there one minute and gone the next, it isn’t language as they go extinct and it isn’t knowledge as what can be true today won’t be true tomorrow, money can go as quickly as it comes, friendship is nothing without love and it’s definitely not any material possessions, and you Beggar-help-574844may say the soul but it was made out of love! Love is greater than charity as charity is usually give out of guilt not love, imagine the homeless man begging for money on the streets you throw him a coin once you do that your conscience is clear and you can keep walking! If we truly loved all collectively we would probably do more or he may not even be there in the first place! When you give or help others and expect a reward or gratification back then you are turning your back on love!

If you could see love like you see the element of a beautiful rainbow it you would see patience, kindness, generosity, humility, courtesy, Unselfishness, good temper, honesty, forgiveness and sincerity all these thing make up love but are nothing without it, if you want to let love in your life practice these things and love will be there you will have already love in your heart and soul!2 hearts

Love is truly what makes the world go around and is the only eternal entity without it we will perish and so will this planet you only need to look around and you will see any bad that is happening there is an absence of love!

So make love your priority and you will reap the benefits not materially but internally, you will be amazed at the difference it can make in your life! And it may not be instant but isn’t it good to know that that’s how easy it is to make a difference to the world?

Chooselove today!

Love to you all xxoo

packaged human

Are you package focused?

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This day and age we seem to be focused on exterior rather than interior, we focus on what we look like to others rather than who we are to others, being concerned about what others think of us is enough to drive you batty!corn

What if I told you to go into a supermarket to buy your food say corn in packaging go home boil ya water get the corn out and throw it away and boil up the packaging and eat that for dinner! You would say I’ve gone mad!

Well we do this all the time with ourselves and others!
While we are busy getting our hair done putting our makeup on buying bad surgarythe latest fashion, Botox, boob jobs, liposuction, face lifts and more, and when you ask a person why they did it, the real reason is they are unhappy with themselves with their packaging. I spoke to one girl who had a boob job and it was because she was flat and didn’t want to look like a boy, like breasts define your sex!
It’s easy to focus on the superficial stuff in fact I made a living out of those sort of people in hairdressing always needing their hair to look like they are supermodels and some it wouldn’t matter how hard you tried or how amazing their hair looked they weren’t happy.Avoid_Bad_Plastic_Surgery-300x225
The reason behind it all had nothing to do with the packaging in fact there was nothing wrong with the packaging before they started it was what was inside, their hearts and their minds, it shows to the world a great self loathing! This is also the reason why people say plastic surgery is addictive, it’s avoidance from the real issues.


Life is about learning and growing and it’s full of life lessons ones that if you don’t learn one way another way will pop up!
Do you ever think that one of the biggest life lessons is love? Not only for others but the first one you should love, yourself with all your imperfections?beauty red

I’m not talking about having tickets on yourself but love yourself in the way you accept the way you are and look!
Love yourself enough to not put toxins in your body and change your packaging so you can hold your head high no matter what you look like or are wearing on that day!

Rather than working on your packaging work on your mind and heart, learn to love everything in its place, dance in the rain, put your hands in the dirt, laugh and rejoice at  being alive, and meditate and work on the things that matter. If we were all just souls and auras which essential we are what would you do then?older lady
Remember it’s only packaging!!


Do you have a gratitude diary?

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Shit happens but when you focus on the negative you attract more of it and it’s hard to change the way you think about things! As much as we try sometimes we fall into the negative trap of why me or poor me, and we get stuck into a cycle that we never seem to get out of, it becomes easier to focus on the bad things that happen and dismiss any good as it seems to be over shadowed by all the crap that seems to happen!
When we focus on the negative we block ourselves from receiving anything good into our lives attracting more poor me scenarios!

Then when we try to think positive it seems to be a double edged sword we think we are being positive but follow it with a negative or a negative past event!
Dwelling on past events can be just as damaging as negative thinking, for example I’m doing great now that I don’t have to deal with that, I went shopping but now I’m poor or I had a great day but then what’s their name showed up!

I look at some of the affirmations getting around and I notice a lot that seem to be negative while trying to be positive, while promoting bad behaviour, making you think it’s acceptable in lowering your personal standards and even giving your power over to someone else by saying your attitude is because of external factors no it’s choice again!

excuseswrongbased on someone else


It may seem funny at the time but it allows that little bit of negativity even a little bit of anger towards whoever you have focused it at, be aware of positive negatives the more you are aware the easier it is to pick them. Remember no one is better than anyone else we are all equal! How others treat you is their karma, how you react is yours!

wd If someone comes at you with negativity it’s your choice to let it in and it is completely your choice in what you want to and like to focus on!
By keeping it 100% positive this can change your frequency for the better attracting more positive and less negative! Remember in every negative there is a positive! It could be that lesson you learnt or that person you met or an experience you received! It’s up to you on which way you look at it! Remember we all have a bad day every now and then, that’s completely normal but you have a choice on how long you dwell on it and if you take it out on someone else!see the good

Ways to help you be more positive!

• Keep a gratitude diary go and buy a nice book something you will treasure a bit and keep it beside your bed and everyday write things you’re thankful for no matter how small! You might feel first thing in the morning might work better for you but if you are like me you like your sleep so write it before you go to bed and focus on the good things of the day you may find you’ll sleep better too!

• When you feel you’re in a rut read your gratitude diary, this will remind you about the things you have been grateful for in the past and give you inspiration about what to write for the day!

• When writing on your diary keep it on things that are in the present or that day, not in the past those things are over and nothing you do is going to bring that back!

• Compliment yourself everyday! Not in past tense or in future terms, right now! You look good now rather than you’re gonna look good tomorrow in a week or a month!

• Do something nice for yourself even if it’s doing a facial on yourself or cutting your toe nails whatever you do will make you feel good and something you can write in your diary!

• Say Thank you, we all need to say our please and thank you much more it will make someone feel good therefore you will feel good write that in your diary how grateful you are about what you said thanks about!

• Smile it’s contagious and can brighten someone’s day and when returned brighten yours! You may write I’m grateful someone smiled back at me!

• Work on the positive! You’ll be happy you did!

• Your diary is your own positive work so keeping it private is better than showing or telling anyone about it!

• Start every sentence with “I’m grateful for……”

• Enjoy your diary!

Thank you for reading I’m grateful you did!smiley face

truth about frack

Fracking up your life

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I had to laugh when I saw yesterday when I saw a sticker on the back of a NRMA car stating it is using LPG because it’s better for the environment! That might be true for using it in your car but what about how they extract the gas?

A few years ago, I have come across YouTube videos which I find still to this day devastating, disgusting and in fact make me feel sick, and I just can’t understand why it was ever given the green light, but like all of us it’s overseas and it won’t affect me in Australia right…..right?  Wrong!

In Australia there is 437million hectares covered by coal seam gas licences or applications, and Australia is 769.2 million hectares, that’s more that ½ of Australia so why are we destroying millions of hectares for gas? So you can drive your car, cook some food there are better ways!

So for those who don’t know how does hydraulic fracturing work?

Well simply they drill down to the hit the shale rock then drill horizontally along the shale then they blast a concoction of water chemicals and sand down into the area where it cracks the shale rock where the gas lays the sand gets into the cracks keeping them open so they can extract gas and the statistics aren’t good though!

fracking pic

Between 600 -700 chemicals are used within the process and approximately 40,000 gallons of chemicals per fracturing, not to forget the fresh water they use as well.


Our planet is made up of 1% fresh water that is water that we can drink, it’s also the same water they have to use to do fracking.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation estimates each well, per frack, will require 2.4 to 7.8 million gallons of water and there have been over 1000 documented cases of water contamination in the US next to areas of gas drilling!


One fracking site can be fracked up to 18 times before they cover in over. And only between 30% to 50% of fracking fluid is recovered the rest of the fluid is left in the ground and is not biodegradable and is left to go into our underground water supplies!


The toxic fluid that is extracted is then put into open air pits to evaporate, releasing harmful VOC’s (Volatile organic compounds) into the atmosphere, creating contaminated air, acid rain and ground level ozone.cows dead from fracking + frack fluid kills cows + fracking liquid + wtfrack.org + Cornell Study

It is also known they are allowed to frack near fresh water supplies with a distance of 150mts and near towns with only approximately 300mts distance. This has caused havoc on people’s health and quality of life! These people can set fire to their water out of their household tap, they suffer with nosebleeds, headaches, and sensory, respiratory and neurological damage and increased cancer due to being near fracking sites and ingesting contaminated water which is meant to be clean for drinking but yet is 17 times higher in Methane concentrations near fracking sites!dead cows


There are studies that also mention Fracking directly and indirectly responsible for earthquakes.

So is it worth it? I can go on about the dangers of fracking and how it’s going to kill us all but there is so much out there in the form of movies like frackman and Black hole (links below) but unless we as a society come together and stop using gas they will destroy our country, Is that what you want?


Here’s what you can do:

Sign petitions:

PETITION: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/880/960/227/stop-fracking-now/?taf_id=19077718&cid=fb_na#

Lock the gate


Watch this:



Black hole


Fracking hell, the untold story




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Judgement is one of the silliest things we do!

But we are all guilty of it from time to time, some are worse than others! I guess the first thing is to be aware of when and how you do it! And when you are aware you have the power to change it!
Just to put it in perspective go up to a tree and judge it, Look at you, ya got moss and insects all over you your bark is coming off, you’ve really let yourself go!

Why aren’t you looking after yourself better?
Now how stupid does that sound?

Well when we pass judgement on others it’s as silly as that!
Keep in mind when you pass judgement on someone you are not defining them you define yourself, and nothing else! While you’re busy putting people into categories you’re giving over to the negative frequency and letting your ego win! Buddha
I will give you a personal example, I remember walking through Sydney city with a friend on a Saturday night and we saw drunk people, prostitutes, people on drugs and more, we also saw a rather large girl wearing clothes that were probably designed for a girl 1/2 her size, boob tube and a very mini skirt, the person I was with pointed her out saying how she shouldn’t be wearing that and how did she ever fit into it, rather than joining in and adding to the negative behaviour I replied, “good on her for having the confidence to wear it” myself at 1/2 the size wouldn’t have the confidence to wear it! My point is, there is always something positive you can find about anyone!images

When you judge others and are focused on what you don’t like about others and yourself that is the course or path your life will naturally take and will attract more of!

past and future

It’s all practice like everything in life, if you decide to practice this and slip don’t beat yourself up about it be proud you noticed you did it, because that is the first step identifying your down fall and then only then can you go to the next step which is working to correct it. All our downfalls are habits, learnt habits and only when we identify them can we work on them.
The key is to all habits that need to be changed is replace it with love and understanding. Understand that everything is in its right place, famine, cyclones, tornados, tsunamis, death and your desire to change it!

What you think about expands, so while focusing on what you don’t like or what you don’t want that is what you will attract! What you think about so shall you be!

The only thing you have power over is yourself and your thoughts and the way you react to things, not the way others treat you!love is

You cannot show unconditional love while you have judgement in your body so replace judgement with love when you feel yourself passing judgement stop and think about what is good or nice about them and it could be the smallest thing but it’s a start!

Judgement is the tool of the ego, the ego is what keeps you away from the positive and stops you from manifesting the good thing in life!

The more you practice this the easier it will get!

The way to unconditional love is to remove all judgment not only about other people but also judgement against ourselves!

Now it’s up to you to change it!



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Do you ever just want something to inspire you?

Do you feel sometimes the routine of life has made you numb, or monotone? Are you making life harder for yourself?

Well it happens to the best of us!! This is where you need to break out of that routine and do something spontaneous, something unexpected! Get out of your comfort zone and live a little! If you’re down you need to change use your feelings as a guide to your life, if you are feeling good then you are on the right path if you’re feeling bad then change is in order!


If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change, it won’t happen without your action! But it’s completely your choice to stay in that mondaine routine day in and day out! If it’s your job getting you down change it ask yourself what is your passion and do that! If it’s your passion you will find a way to make it work and you will make a living out of it! But it all comes down to perception!

imageYou may say it’s not that easy, sure it is we attract what we put out there, so if you are thinking you want this you will put the effort in to getting it and you’ll attract it and if you are thinking you don’t want it you’ll attract it too! Mother Theresa said “invite me to an anti war protest and I will not come, although invite me to a pro peace rally and I will be there” she knows that the law of attraction works!

Everything is made up of a vibrational frequency and is connected work on that theory and you will find things will follow.

You will never know what you are capable until you take risks! Break free of the norm and reach for the sky!

Do you think you’re any different from anyone else? Well the answer is NO your not! Einstein didn’t have super powers and was told he wasn’t smart, Donald trump is just a man who has been bankrupt, Michael Jordan was told he would never be good enough for basketball, these people are just like you and me!!image

So when you get stuck, change do something different and so what if you fail, fail= first attempt in learning and part of success is failing! So get up dust yourself off and try again!


You can do it I believe in you! 😊